Help: Who pays for WarwickRomance, and why do you do it?

Who pays for WarwickRomance, and why do you do it?

WarwickRomance is the Warwick University branch of, which is run in Warwick by Robin and Cupid. itself is based in Cambridge.

We do it because we enjoy it, it's a challenge, and we get to meet new people. It's also good CompSci fun, and is our contribution to student welfare and happiness. We hope it helps - we know it can be rotten being single :-(    If you find it useful, we'd very much appreciate your help running it.

What's the catch? There really isn't one...we're just being nice :-) There is no "data-mining" or advertising; we won't sell your data, and there are no "premium features" (such as the common bait-and-switch tactic of 'join for free, pay to communicate').

WarwickRomance is a non-profit making student society, run philanthropically, and at no charge. Initially, the costs were not large, although with the purchase of a server and our own domains, they have now risen significantly! These have been met in Cambridge by Richard and John. Posters and fliers for publicity are expensive and we are also meeting these costs ourselves. Nevertheless, if you feel tempted to contribute, we would appreciate it a lot!

For more details, please see the about us page, or you can contact us via the feedback page.

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