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Welcome to GraduateRomance.org.uk, a free chat and romance site set up specifically for graduates. It's philanthropic: we do this purely for the satisfaction of making people happy, and we are delighted when we succeed. Of course, there is no charge, no 'data-mining', no advertising, no 'premium features', and we respect your privacy. To see what we have to offer, please take a look at some of the profiles, browse the menu on the left-hand side, and sign up below. Enjoy!

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A again: " I started using this site completely by accident - I dropped down the the URL address banner (to use email) on one of the computers in the UL(!) - and I have had a great time since : ))
I met four guys: two that I really liked but didn't want to get horizontal with.... and the others were really hot : ) I had two of the best experinces of my life, sexual and non-sexual. This site is exxxcelllent! Far better than any chat room because their is no rush. Use it!"

This strange saga may now be revealed in full:

Dear "Cupid", I am writing with what is perhaps an unusual request. Oxford Romance is a fantastic site and has provided me with several happy dates and a couple of fun relationships, and has served its purpose brilliantly. However, with impending exams which constitute a large proportion of my finals, this site will be my doom! I am of rather an addictive personality and am finding that I am spending increasingly large amounts of time on your website, to the point where I believe my work would improve considerably if I left the website. I know, however, that if I do this, in a moment of weakness, I shall undoubtedly rejoin (I have had 7 profiles over the past 2 terms!) and thus I am appealing to you to add me to your list of addresses which are blocked from joining the website. I appreciate that this probably sounds rather extreme, but I would be very grateful if you would do so and feel free to quote the above as a testimonial should you wish to! My email addresses that I may use to join are [details removed] and [details removed] and please block them both if possible! I may be contacted at either address should you wish to affirm that I am genuine and have not just hacked into this account or something! Many thanks for your help. Best wishes, S

Following my email of 13th May requesting to be barred from the Oxford Romance website during my exams, I have now finished my exams. I would now be grateful if you would remove my name (S) from the list of barred names so that I can re-join the website for the rest of this term and the coming year. Many thanks again for helping earlier; it was very successful in helping me revise! Best wishes, S

This is one of the many happy outcomes to which we have contributed.  :-)

This is selected, at random, from the testimonials page, and quoted verbatim.

News and updates:

1st May 2018: Older news:
Many congratulations to Northern Girl and Tall Matt on their Wedding! Heather writes: "I just wanted to let you know that thanks to Graduate Romance, I am now happily married!
Congratulations to Wayland Smithy and MĂ©lomane. They married in 2010, and just announced their (and our) first baby!
Multiple congratulations are due... Tabitha and J@m3s, Eliie and her fiancé, and James and Hannah are all now engaged to be married! For the full story, see the testimonials page, which has been updated with latest news: 11 weddings so far :-) Many Congratulations to [redacted] and [redacted] on their engagement. They're too shy to say who they are :-) Many congratulations to David and Natalie, who are getting married next July!
Congratulations to Stefan and SweetHeart on their engagement! They write: "We met on Romance.org in May 2004 and quickly came inseparable. Since then things have just got better and better and we are now engaged. We just wanted to say thank you, as without you, or the site we would probably never have met!"
*Snuggles* & Beatnik Fly are now engaged! Good luck to you both :-)
Congratulations to "Hockey Boy" and "Dr Shell" on their engagement! "Hockey Boy" writes: I first logged onto Warwick Romance for a bit of a laugh. Instead I've ended up meeting a beautiful woman who I am lucky enough to be marrying in 2006. Thank You WR!
Congratulations to Emma and Joe, who met on OxfordRomance, and are now married! The Wedding Photos are here.
9th June 2016: Sorry for DNS outage today... now fixed.
23rd May 2012: Cupid needs your help... who would like to assist with running GraduateRomance? If this could be you, please be in touch. (This is mostly about the society, rather than the platform, so technical expertise isn't necessary though technical contributions are of course extremely welcome.)