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Welcome to GraduateRomance.org.uk, a free chat and romance site set up specifically for graduates. It's philanthropic: we do this purely for the satisfaction of making people happy, and we are delighted when we succeed. Of course, there is no charge, no 'data-mining', no advertising, no 'premium features', and we respect your privacy. To see what we have to offer, please take a look at some of the profiles, browse the menu on the left-hand side, and sign up below. Enjoy!

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Tabitha and J@m3s are getting married!. Tabitha writes:

My darling dollJ@m3s and I (Tabitha) are engaged and getting married! in two weeks time! Thank you RomCam! Neither of us have been happier at any point in our entire lives.
T, J"

"We met virtually on May 6th and in person - July 11th in Oxford (where I was studying at the time, tho' registered at Cam). It really was an immediate joy to see each other and there undoubtedly was a 'click'.
We are having the civil ceremony a year to the day we first met -- July 11th. Church wedding/party to follow a bit later, poss. in November/December. We were hoping to celebrate at Madingley Hall if we can possibly scrape together the cash.
The proposal was lovely - surprise train down to London then to Tonbridge and subsequent secret taxi ride to a beautiful little church in a wheat field, a place called Tudeley. Upon entering the - beautiful stained glass windows by Chagall who happens to be one of my favorites. Down on one knee with a ring!
We celebrated this lovely little event by a lake (spotted by J@m3s on google earth) a few minutes' walk across the field with a champagne-y picnic.
We are both so grateful to have found one another. I should add, though, that this event has pretty much eclipsed our theses!

Theinvisiblegirl met someone here, and leaves, writing: "fell in love :) don't need you anymore cupid :P"

This is one of the many happy outcomes to which we have contributed.  :-)

This is selected, at random, from the testimonials page, and quoted verbatim.

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3rd October: Welcome back to the new term!
25th March: A German TV company would like to interview some of our members on 14th April for a documentary about how students worldwide fall in love. If anoyone would like to participate, please contact Cupid.
12th March: We really need a volunteer to help run GraduateRomance. Please will someone step forward to do (at least) the role of membership and publicity? Cupid needs your help: he simply cannot do this alone any more. There is quite a large budget available, whether you wish to spend it on marketing, or as payment for your time. If not you, then who?
1st January: Happy New Year! We hope that you find love in 2015, and we'll do our best to help!
5th June 2014: We are already doing our part (HTTPS, HSTS, PFS) to protect your privacy; may we also recommend the Reset The Net campaign.
10th February 2014: What are you thinking? We aren't telepathic, but we still want to know! Please participate in this group discussion and give us your ideas and requests... a box of chocolate will be awarded for the most helpful comment!
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