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About GraduateRomance

Thank you very much for visiting GraduateRomance.org.uk. We hope you like it. :-)

  • This site was conceived as Romance.ucam.org by Richard Neill and originally realised by John Surcombe. It was originally specific to Cambridge, aiming to provide a service much lacking which would improve the welfare and happiness of many students. Of course, the site isn't purely philanthropic: as they say: "If you want something done, do it yourself..."
    If you are curious, here is a longer History of GraduateRomance.org.uk and how it came to be.

  • Since then, we have also launched it UK-wide at https://ruo3.org. At Graduate, the team is run by: Richard, Paula and Cupid.
    The greatest other success to date has been in Oxford, thanks to Andy Hine and Dave Agrawal.

  • We have also had valuable assistance, which we gratefully acknowledge from: Michael Brown, Markus Kuhn, Alex Thom, the SRCF, Peter Edmond, Malcolm Scott, Jason Morley, and Jenny Scott-Thompson. Thanks also to the many people who have sent in feedback. In particular, thank you to the Cambridge University Computer Laboratory who provided us with our internet connection for several years. Our server is currently hosted by Retrosnub. We also have great partnerships with Cambridge RAG and Chocolat Chocolat.

  • GraduateRomance is a non-profit-making student society, run philanthropically, at our own expense.

  • Our site runs on a Linux server with 8 GB of RAM and SSD, and is powered by Ubuntu Linux, PostgreSQL, PHP and Apache. Thanks also to asp2php, Mageia (formerly Mandrake), analog and of course to GNU. All of this is Free Software, or Open-Source. We have benefited greatly from them, and so it is fitting to thank them here. You can easily try Linux yourself using Knoppix or Ubuntu.

  • So far, GraduateRomance.org.uk has had 8648 members. Of these, 6763 are still current and 6 are active (i.e. they have logged in within the last 16 weeks). They have exchanged 992368 messages. (That's the equivalent of 31011 2000-word essays!) Here is a league table of where our members come from. For the curious, here are some anonymised webserver statistics.

  • According SLOC Count, the GraduateRomance.org.uk codebase contains 26k lines of code, equivalent development costs are estimated at over $600,000 !

  • We use only encrypted connections (https://, wss://) for the site. Our SSL certificate's SHA1 fingerprint is: ERROR.

  • Obligatory Legal bit: here are the terms and conditions of use, and disclaimer.

  • Your feedback is always welcome, and we are always happy to help: you can contact us here. We wish you good luck!

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