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Topic: "New look for the site"
Date: 31st January 2006
Introduction: The original version of this site was designed over 5 years ago, and the design is, perhaps, a little dated. We have had a couple of excellent suggestions for how it might look. What do you think? No plans to change the functionality, only to update the design. What do you like (and dislike) about the current design? Which of the new designs do you prefer? What aspects of the 3 designs (current, New Style #1 and New Style #2 do you like best and least. We want your feedback!
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Posted by Echtbuggy (MsM) on 1st February 2006 at 00:12:25:
New Style #1 or failing that I think the existing style is just fine :o)
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Posted by Generic (MsF) on 22nd November 2006 at 17:37:21:
I like the existing style. Are there really any problems with it or are people just restless?

The most important thing for me is the clean layout with no embeded pictures. Leave it at good-ole, high-speed HTML please!
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Posted by Stranded (MsF) on 5th February 2006 at 18:15:18:
Yep, #1 is a bit snappier and looks easier to navigate with the bar at the top. However it would *still* need a 'clean' version to use at work/public terminals. Style #2 is very clunky, doesn't look easy on the eye at all.

Will be sad to see the old style go though - I guess if this is dated, it means I'm getting 'dated' too: I signed up to OxRo in my 1st year, February 2002. Three profiles, countless dates, several entertaining random flings and two great friends later, there's something reassuring about that gaudy pink banner I'll definitely miss.
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Posted by burn baby burn (MsF) on 3rd December 2006 at 21:47:34:
In general New Look #1 is better, as it looks like it's more fully developed - more features etc. However, as a firm user of "Stealth mode" (even at home - I just prefer the basic look - the pink just feels too... girly?) - as long as there is a Stealth mode in the new look, I doubt I'd mind either :)
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