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Android Application

We're pleased to announce the release of our very own Romance app for Android.
The Application (v. 0.12) should be compatible with any version of Android that is 2.33 or later (i.e. Gingerbread or above). Please do send feedback.


  1. Set your Android phone to enable installation of non-market applications. This setting is usually in one of:
    Settings -> Applications -> Unknown Sources: Allow installation of non-market applications.
    Settings -> Security -> Device administration -> Unknown sources: Allow installation of non-market apps.
    By doing this, you are permitting your phone to trust our application. It doesn't do anything "evil", it's completely free, and has no adverts. Don't take our word for it: source available on request.

  2. Load the Android package (.apk) file onto your phone. Either:
    • Visit this webpage on your phone, and download and install the app.
    • Or, use your phone's camera and barcode application to install from this QR code:
    • Or, save this file to your computer, then copy it across to the phone: Romance.apk.

  3. Put your phone back to only accepting applications from the Android Market.
    (This is a good general security policy; only make exceptions when there's a good reason to do so.)

  4. Now start the app. It's called "Romance", and has a heart logo.


Cupid is still learning to write for Android, and so would be grateful for feedback (and developer assistance) with what is basically an Alpha-release.
No warranty on this app: If it breaks, you get to keep the pieces!


Sorry iPhone users: there's no dedicated app for you just yet. However, if you visit the website from your phone, it will be auto-detected, and you'll still see the smartphone-optimised version of the website.
Unfortunately Apple's platform is much less open than Android, and harder to develop for: if a Mac-developer would like to port the app, I'd be delighted to have help.