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Headline:Mischievous helper to Aphrodite
Category:Male seeking female, age: 24
Relationship:Facilitator Amoris
Other:Non-smoker,  Height: 178 (5'10")
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 How to date Cupid and make him happy:
If you want to help run OxfordRomance, talk to me!

Men are subtle creatures: no two are alike. In his own words, here's what Cupid thinks you should know about him.

This is a combination of Howto-Guide and Telepathy-Substitute, with added "Hints & Tips for Care & Feeding".

 Additional attributes:
Music:Classical, Opera, Rock 'n' Roll
Humour:Erudite allusions, Lolcats
Operating System of choice
Linux (Debian-like)
Operating System of choice

I spend my life flying busily about on my little wings, shooting electronic darts at people. Oh, happy occupation, that gives such contentment! I work busily running OxfordRomance.org.uk, delivering chocolates, pigeon-holing fliers, writing software, and generally making people happy....

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Amor, arrow, chocolates, Cupid, flowers, hearts, love, Penguin, snuggles, teddy bears, wine