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Headline:My hump, my hump my hump my hump....
Category:Male seeking male, age: 21
Relationship:Slow paced but visually stunning
Other:Non-smoker,  Height: 186 (6'1")
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 Additional attributes:
Looks:Short, wavy, dark brown hair and brown eyes
Subject:Science (physical)
Music:Musicals, Rock 'n' Roll, Folk
Humour:Irony, Bawdy/Risqué jokes, Specific In-jokes
flabadaguo's current relationship status (traffic-light)
Green - Single/available
flabadaguo's current relationship status (traffic-light)
flabadaguo's favourite cuisine, beverage, and ice-cream flavour
I can cook
flabadaguo's favourite cuisine, beverage, and ice-cream flavour
The effect of alcohol is  to make flabadaguo...
The effect of alcohol is  to make flabadaguo...

Hello everyone! I am a fourth year natsci (oh dear, I really should have left by now, but no, I'm still clinging on) studying Chemistry. People often tell me I don't look like a Natsci, which I'm going to assume is some kind of compliment. I'm interested in lots of thoroughly exciting non-science related things too. I row for my college, but that shalln't be continuing for too much longer because it is eating away at my soul <UPDATE> I quit rowing, hurrah! Finally I have time to sleep.

I play guitar, base, classical, acoustic, anything really. I like to dabble with art and like to paint and draw. My favourite artists are Gustav Klimt, Georgia O'Keefe, Barbara Hepworth, Turner, the list goes on. I also have a bit llama obsession so if there are any llamas out there feel free to get in contact. Failing that, if you're willing to dress up in a llama costume that would be cool, would that require two people? We can figure out the logistics of it later.

For my photo I've tried to find one of those rare ones where I'm looking normal as I usually pull some sort of stupid face. Anywho, message me if you have any questions. I may return and add things in future should I feel fit.

caramel, chiuaua, constitution, karate chop, lava lamp, oblong, pharmacokinetics