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Welcome to Romance.ucam.org, a free chat and romance site set up specifically for members of Cambridge University. It's philanthropic: we do this purely for the satisfaction of making people happy, and we are delighted when we succeed. Of course, there is no charge, no 'data-mining', no advertising, no 'premium features', and we respect your privacy. To see what we have to offer, please take a look at some of the profiles, browse the menu on the left-hand side, and sign up below. Enjoy!

We're serious about doing the right and ethical thing, to act in the best interests of our members. For full details, please read the help text. Your questions and suggestions are always welcome.

We do not consider our membership to be an advertising demographic!

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AJ: "I've been a long time user of this great site, and owing to general apathy and long periods of not using it, have only met two women this way. Although the second of these could be described as 'unpleasant', the first was extraordinary. No, there was no romance, but she has turned out to be a wonderful and much loved friend who has enriched my life in indescribable ways; and to be honest I think I prefer it this way. Thanks RUO!"

Mary Poppins: "Just writing to let you know that I am sitting with my lovely boyfriend whom I met on your site and wanted to say a big thank you! We messaged on the Thursday, met on the Monday and had fallen head over heels for each other by the end of the week. I never thought I'd find someone so gorgeous and lovely and amazing on the internet....! Thank you so much! We'll send you an invite to the wedding :-)"
Cupid had the pleasure to meet her while giving away RUO Helium Balloons at the Sidgwick Site on May 1st. This success story has actually been going on "about half a year now" - they "are very much in lurve....". The amusing part is that, apparently, her boyfriend has been too embarrassed to admit to meeting on RUO, and has been claiming it was Cindy's. Well, we can't let that pass - so now you all know the truth!
May 12th: Mary says: "I am indeed leaving because I met the love of my life. So long, Cupid....(galloping off into sunset...)"
May 14th: Irish says "I'm leaving because I've met someone, from this site! Thanks so much for a fantastic setup, and the last few months :)"

This is one of the many happy outcomes to which we have contributed.  :-)

This is selected, at random, from the testimonials page, and quoted verbatim.

News and updates:

27th February: Speed Dating, at Newnham. Speed dating is like musical chairs with chemistry: meet 25 people in one evening and if you like one another, we put you in touch. Tickets are £7, raising £5 for Cambridge RAG, and include a glass of wine and nibbles. For more information, and to reserve your place, please book here.
4th October 2016: See you at the Societies' Fair on Tuesday / Wednesday! We have 20 kg of chocolate and a lot of roses to give away...
3rd October 2016: Welcome to a new term! And, to our new members, a particularly warm welcome: we hope we help you find love :-) If you would like to get involved with the society, and with running events, please contact Cupid.
As it's the start of a new year, it may take a short time to get going: in particular, if you are a new member, please do take a moment to write a little about yourself... otherwise everyone waits for everyone else to make the first move!
18th February 2016: Speed Dating was great fun on 17th at Hidden Rooms: 61 mutual matches! And we raised £150 for CUAI too.
18th October 2015: Speed dating was a great success: we had 44 guests, resulting in 49 mutual matches. The event raised £134 for charity.
12th March 2015: We really need a volunteer to help run Romance.ucam.org. Please will someone step forward to do (at least) the role of membership and publicity? Cupid needs your help: he simply cannot do this alone any more. There is quite a large budget available, whether you wish to spend it on marketing, or as payment for your time. If not you, then who?