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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the policy on content?

  • Please avoid writing anything in your description (profile) that may cause offense. Please be aware that some members are more easily offended than others. If you feel something is offensive, please point it out to us, and we'll ask the author to modify it. Profiles may be seen by anyone, and must be decent and in good taste.

  • Messages are private, and what you write is entirely within the discretion of the correspondents. However, when writing messages, especially a first contact, please try to be sensitive to the context of the recipient. While it is acceptable to send 'robust' language to those whose profiles are along such lines, if the profile is not, then you should be sensitive about what you write.

  • Please note that we *will not tolerate* hate mail of any kind, and if requested, will act against the sender wherever possible.

  • Remember, this is a personals site. It is not for selling second-hand cars, lecture notes or Norwegian Blue ex-parrots. If your profile abuses our hospitality in this way, it will be deleted without mercy, and you will be blocked.

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