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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to decline ?

Naturally, not everybody is compatible with everyone else. So, you may find that having met/chatted with someone, you no longer wish to continue. In this case, it is always better to be direct and say honestly "I'm sorry, I'm no longer interested", than to drop subtle hints or fail to respond. This is kinder to the other person, sparing them from hanging on in uncertainty; it also prevents you from being nagged because they assume you are just busy, and persist unaware.

  • If you receive an opening message from someone and you are not interested, it's best to decline. You can use a pre-written standard message for this purpose. (To do this, click the "Reply with standard message" link below the message; then edit if desired.)

  • If you receive a message which is obnoxious, harrssment, or inappropriately explicit, then please do complain to us about it.

  • It is also possible to block messages from a particular person. If blocked, that person will be unable to contact you again, and any messages (or pokes) they do send will be automatically discarded into your trash. The sender will not be informed that they have been blocked. To do this, click the link "Block future messages from [sender]" below the message concerned. Please remember, it is usually much better to tell the person if you are not interested, rather than to "killfile" them!
If you are simply receiving more messages than you can cope with, you may wish to become invisible in the top bar. You may also choose to accept messages only from people whom you already know, and have already corresponded with.

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