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Frequently Asked Questions

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Deleting your account and Nickname

If you do not log in for 24 weeks, your profile will time-out, or 'expire': it will no longer appear in the list of profiles, or the list of all members.
Your correspondents will still be able to read and reply to your messages, although you will only receive one email notification). Unless you hide your profile, correspondents may see it when linked from a message, but others will not.
If you hide your profile at any time (by setting 'Display your profile' to No' in the settings menu), it will not appear in the list of profiles, nor will anyone be able to view its contents.
Your name, alone, will be included within the list of all members.

If you delete your account, this will remove (almost) all your details, for EVER. Upon deletion, everybody with whom you have corresponded will, if they have retained any of your messages, be informed that you have deleted your account, and will have that correspondence consolidated into a single archival message. It is good netiquette to inform them first that you are leaving!
Please do give a reason on the deletion page - this is read by Cupid, and allows us to monitor how we are doing, so we can improve. Your old nickname will be reserved for you for 3 months, so you can have it back if you change your mind; also this prevents confusion if somebody else should choose the name you recently used.

You can export an archive copy of your data as a zip or tar file. This is designed to help couples eventually tell their children the happy story of how they first met :-)
This collates the same data (with the same access permissions) that you could obtain by sequential screenshots, but with greater convenience and improved formatting.

Note: everything about your account can be changed, except your Nickname and Email-address - if you want to change that, you'll have to delete the account and recreate it.
(This is for security reasons, and to prevent confusion; ask Cupid if you think we should consider an exception.)

The menu for deleting (permanently closing) an account is in the configuration settings of your profile (next to the email preferences and password-change). For the deletion policy, please see below.

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