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Frequently Asked Questions

This section is part of the Romance.ucam.org online help system. (show contents). You can also view the entire document as a single very long page.

HTML formatting of profiles and messages

HTML formatting tags can be used to add variety to descriptions and messages, by changing colour/style/layout, adding smileys: , and àçcéñtèd characters. Tags can either be entered directly (e.g. "<b>bold text</b>" ) or, for the most common ones, use the HTML "widget" (click the B button). Accented characters are entered like "&eacute;". Use the spell-checker to preview your HTML.

The HTML guide has an explanation of HTML, a complete list of possible tags and smilies, and a test area. All invalid tags will be rendered as literal plain text.

Tags:<b>  <i>  <u>  <strong>  <em>  <sup> ; <sub>  <strike>  <s>  <pre>  <tt>  <big>  <small>  <font (attributes: face, color, size)>  <h1> - <h6> (attribute: align)  <hr>  <br>  <p (attribute: align)>  <center>  <blockquote>  <ul>  <ol>  <li>
Smileys:<smile>  <laugh>  <happy>  <grin>  <sun>  <glasses>  <heart>  <heart2>  <hug>  <wink>  <tongue>  <frown>  <sad>  <surprise>  <shock>  <annoyed>  <mad>  <devil>  <dizzy>  <sleepy>  <bed>  <jester>  <party>  <birthday>  <xmas>  <pumpkin>  <rose>  <cat>  <cat2>  <cat3>  <dog>  <tux> 

Photographs may be uploaded and stored on our server; you can then choose whether to embed them in your profile.

Note: certain tags cannot be used, because they pose potential security risks. For example, </table> (breaking out of the user-content area), <mailto:> (email), <img> (image), <script> (javascript) or <a> (links). These tags will be treated like pseudo-tags (eg '<irony>') and rendered in plain-text. For more details, see the HTML guide.

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