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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Romance.ucam.org? - an Introduction

Romance.ucam.org is a Love, chat and personals site set up specifically for students of Cambridge University. It currently has 12 active members, and since we began, 21320 people have signed up! Members have exchanged over 4,267,000 messages so far. It is the most popular student web site in Cambridge by some margin, getting around 15,000 page-views per day. The site is Completely Free to use. We hope you enjoy it......

There is an Introduction for New Members here.

Why is online Romance so important?

Love is the most important thing in life... and it's so hard to find that many spend their lives searching. But it's quite improbable that you'll meet your soul-mate just by chance. There's even an academic paper on the subject, based on the Drake equation.

Finding Love in the modern-world is even harder than it used to be: technology and social-networks connect us to our existing friends in remote places, while often excluding the potential for making new friends who are nearby. Meanwhile, the "stranger:danger" paradigm, combined with typical "British reserve", conditions us to be wary of approaching that handsome/gorgeous boy/girl in the street/shop/lecture/workplace and just asking them out. One can be lonely in a crowd, and once the pool of of colleagues, and "friends-of-friends" is exhausted, the non-nightclub-goer needs a technical solution: Romance.ucam.org.

Some may demur I'll just meet someone in The Real World ™, but the options aren't mutually-exclusive: using a computer to assist your search doesn't reduce your chances offline!

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