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Frequently Asked Questions

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But I didn't sign up - what's going on?

Occasionally, we receive perturbed emails from people who did not join Romance.ucam.org but are surprised to discover that "they" have an account. Here are the possibilities:

  • Case 1 - New account notification email: If you receive an email with the details of your new account, and password, but did not request it, you can simply ignore it. Alternatively, log in using the details given, and delete your new account. Before an account can be activated, we confirm that it has been set up by the owner of the email address, by sending the password to that address. So such an account will never become active, and there is no cause for alarm. Usually this happens as a result of a typo (when someone else mistypes their similar email address); sometimes it is the result of a friend trying to sign you up.

  • Case 2 - An active account, in your name: If your account has been activated without your permission, this means that somebody was able to read your email, and discover your password. Most probably, you left your computer logged in and unattended, while a friend tried to do you a favour, or play a practical joke on you. Fortunately, the solution is simple: log in, take control of the account, and delete it if you wish. (If you need to retrieve the password, you can have it re-sent on the log-in page). You may also wish to change passwords on your computer, and email account, if you believe them to be compromised. Of course, since you're here anyway, we'd recommend you stay for a while to look around :-)

  • Case 3 - A spoof account, pretending to be you: These are almost always "practical jokes", but the email address used is not yours, and so you cannot control it. Of course, if the joker has used his/her own email address, it's easy for us to discover who they are. We will deal with this for you as soon as we can. For more information please see here.

A word to friends and would be practical jokers. If you want to encourage your friends to sign up, this is very laudable, but please recommend the site to them, rather than actually signing them up for an account. Would-be jokers, please refrain: such jokes inevitably fall flat, and the resulting complaint wastes a significant amount of time.

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