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Frequently Asked Questions

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Access from a mobile phone or PDA

If you use a smartphone, you may prefer to access the mobile-version of RUO, which is optimised for a smaller display and lower bandwidth. The site is the same, but the layout and style is optimised and simplified.
For example photographs are displayed as thumbnails; only the first few messages in your inbox are shown; there is less CSS/Javascript, and the layout is designed for a smaller-screen. A few features are simplified, though you can still access the regular site from your device. Mobile-mode is designed for a modern (2010-era or newer) smartphone, such as an Android, iPhone, or Windows-Mobile; older devices with really tiny (<3 inch), non-touchscreen displays won't work very well.

If you go straight to the home-page, mobile browsers should be automatically detected; otherwise you can bookmark this link:
  https://www.ruo3.org/cam/login.php?email=ME@EXAMPLE.NET&style=mobile (obviously, with your own email address!)
[This long URL takes you directly to your login page with the least typing, and the greatest speed.]

If you have an Android device, we have an app for you. Feedback is most welcome.

Feedback on the mobile site would be really helpful. If you can develop an iPhone app, or can find a way of programatically sending SMS messages inexpensively, we'd like to hear from you!

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