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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the email notification system work?

In the Edit your profile page, under 'Advanced Configuration Settings', there are 3 choices for email notifications:

  • "Forward messages to my e-mail address". If you choose this option, messages will be forwarded to your email address. [HTML formatting will be removed]. You still need to log in to reply to them. Please do not try to reply by email: it will not work!
    • Forward except when logged in means that messages sent to you while you are logged in won't clog up your email inbox.
    • Forward including when logged in means that every single message will be forwarded to you.

  • "Notify me once by e-mail if I receive messages.". This means that after you log off, the first time you get a message, we send an e-mail to you to let you know that you have new messages waiting. If further messages arrive, you will only be notified if it has been at least 24 hours since the last notification email, or if you have logged-in in the meantime. If you receive a message while you are logged in, you will also not be emailed (although you will see a message in the header at the top of the page). Therefore, it is important that you log out properly when you have finished.

  • "Rarely email me". We won't send you new message notifications, so you need to to log in to RUO regularly to check whether or not you have received a message. However, we will still send you occasional items of Romance.ucam.org news, and alerts.

There are some occasions where emails will be sent to everyone, whatever the value of this setting. These are:

  • Automatic reminders (approximately once a week) if you have a new, unread message which has remained unchecked (i.e. the message is more recent than your last login) for over a week. [If you selected "rarely email me", this delay is increased to 2 weeks.]
  • Automatic reminder if your account is about to expire (i.e. become inactive).
  • Romance.ucam.org news and updates, sent occasionally to all members of the society.

You will not be notified by email if you receive an "uninteresting" system message such as "User X has deleted their account".

If you are not receiving any mail from us, please check the section Why am I not receiving email?.

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