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Frequently Asked Questions

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A Photograph can be displayed with your profile if you wish. This is a great way to stand out from the rest, whether you are male or female. In the words of one female member of the site:

"Since the photo has been up, S[...] has indeed been a very popular girl...I recommend it to anybody who wants quick results. It also serves as a good screening mechanism (the guys who have been replying have, on the whole, been a LOT more attractive than the ones before I posted the photo!)"

Furthermore, in a recent poll on this site, only 5 out of 463 members (1.3%) selected the option that "physical attraction is irrelevant to me".

People who have photographs are denoted by a "camera" icon next to their nickname in the list of profiles:

has photo - This person's profile has a photograph, and it is visible to you. (Hover over icon for preview)
has photo, not visible - This person has uploaded a photograph, but it is not visible to you. You can see it on request.

Photo privacy: in a poll, 205 out of 463 (44.3%) asked for the option to restrict photographs to other members, other members with photographs, or to specific other people. We did as you asked, and so once it is uploaded, you can choose who may see your photograph. The options (in the settings page) are:

  • All: everybody, even if they are not logged in (this gains you the most attention).
  • Members: other logged-in members of RUO (non-members cannot see you; this is the default).
  • Mutual: other members of RUO who also display a photo. (encourages other people to "play fair").
  • Private: only those people you send it to (you can enclose your photo with any message).
  • Hidden: nobody (this is as if you had never uploaded a photograph).

If the photograph is private or mutual, then you will have an option to "attach" it to messages you send through the site. Tick the "Include my photograph with this message" the checkbox on the sendmessage page to attach your photo.

The photo visibility setting also controls whether or not you appear in the photo gallery, and who can see your photo there. Your photo is a part of your profile, so if your profile itself is set to be non-displayed, then the photo will not be shown.

Photos hosted on Romance.ucam.org are always excluded from search-engines, however, if you have used the same profile picture elsewhere, you should know that it's possible to search the web by image file.

Details: please see the photograph upload page. Photos must be approved before posting: here's why. Uploading multiple photos isn't currently possible (it's planned soon). However, you can combine several pictures into a single composite montage.

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