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Finances of Romance.ucam.org

The startup, running, and future costs of RUO (in its various guises at different universities) are all met by Richard in person, with the exception of some money donated by Vodafone to cover publicity in Oxford. As a result, what began as a small site in Cambridge, hosted on part of someone else's computer has grown into a mammoth organisation, which eats more time and money than a large time-and-money-eating animal.

This is just about sustainable at the moment, but may not remain so indefinitely. However, we know that:

  1. It would destroy the site if we were to go commercial, or to charge people for using it.
  2. Advertising is annoying, doesn't raise much, and frequently the implementation carries a privacy risk for the viewer.
  3. (Sponsorship would nevertheless be welcome).

The site is offered to you freely. Nothing is expected in return, although I do like to hear your opinions.
However, if you like the site, or have found love through it, and want to give something in return, then perhaps you might consider donating some of your time, or possibly even a small sum. Anything would be appreciated! (Richard also eats chocolate :-) ).

If you would like to offer your time, then please contact Cupid. Needless to say, if you have money to give to charity, then we are a good way for you to exercise your philanthropy!

Thank you very much.