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Help Wanted...

This is your big chance to join the Romance.ucam.org team for 2020 and make it even better. The site is wildly popular, and has outgrown the abilities of a single administrator! There are many things that would be great fun to do, and I need your help! That means you, whether you are 'arty' or 'techy', and whether you have lots of time, or only a few hours. I (and all our other members) would really appreciate your help - many people can make a huge difference. As well as being fun, it is in your interest - more members means more fun!

In brief, these are the ways you can help:

  • College reps - put up posters, spread the word, write for college magazines, get editorials and links on college student websites.

  • A core team - I especially want a graphic designer, and an advertising person! If you'd like to organise events, that would also be great! In addition, you get to spend someone else's money!

  • Many other tasks - anyone can contribute here. Some are small, others are larger. If you see one which takes your fancy, please tell me, or even better, go and do it!

College Reps: Our most important assistants are those who can help promote the site, and encourage others to join. The best way is alway by word of mouth. We need people who can put up posters and deliver flyers, who can write articles in college (and other) magazines, persuade college student websites to link us (and write about us!), get into the college prospectus - especially for new members,...

The amount of work required here is not great, if it is distributed among many people. But with few, it requires superhuman effort :-) The most important colleges are perhaps New Hall, Newnham, and the "Outer" colleges, however, we want reps from all 31 (and the faculties)!

If you can help, please contact Cupid.

The new team: Romance.ucam.org is growing up - and it needs more "TLC" than Cupid can give it. It also needs more ideas, enthusiasm, publicity, design, sponsorship,...you get the idea! I'm looking for a core team of 2 or 3 more people who want to get involved. These should include someone with graphical skills, and someone who is great at advertising/marketing/publicity! Also, organising events would be a bonus. This is fun, you can run a large and successful society in the direction you want to take it, and you even get a budget! Also, "honour and recognition in case of success."

  • The graphical designer would be the one to design some exciting new posters for us - which would then go up around the University. Also, this is the chance to redesign our flyers. Sense of humour essential!

  • Advertising/Marketing/Publicity might include Varsity/TCS, Cambridge University Radio, Helium Balloons, Events, Promotions, T-shirts,...

  • Programmers are also welcome, especially if you want to code a new feature (see below) or if you want to hunt bugs in the current software (not that there are any, of course ;-) )

  • Enthusiasm is the most important thing - if you want to help, there is plenty you can do!

Please contact Cupid if you want to join - and we'll go for a meal to chat about it.

Other tasks: Here are a list of all sorts of things that would be great to see in a version of RUO... If you want to add to it, please tell me. These are here for the doing - I hope that there is something for anyone.

  • Publicity - if you can do any of the things mentioned above, that would be great. Also, tell your friends.

  • Sponsorship/Special offers. If you have any contacts, we'd love to know!

  • Graphics:
    • Valentine Cards - if you'd like to design some e-cards for us, that would be brilliant!

    • Posters. If you have ideas, please see above.

    • Improve the "favicon" which is currently in the location bar for the site (and may be downloaded here). It has to be a 16x16 pixel .png file (with a transparent background).

    • Possibility of a new Logo? I like ours, but if someone can improve on it, it could be time for a change. If you do design a better one, please do it in high resolution (1500x1000 pixels?) so that it can also be used in an enlarged version or printed out. The current one can't be used effectively on posters because of this!

    • Fluffy buttons. Some of our buttons are ordinary, and need to be made cuddlier! Feel free to copy "Hamish", our very own bear who features on the login and other buttons. Or, if you have a favourite bear, go for it! (The font is "Comic Sans MS")

  • The "Extras" page - (I'm still trying to come up with a name for this - current favourite is "Just for Fun", but we could call it simply "Misc") - will have lots of other stuff. I'd like your suggestions. For instance, romantic poetry (your favourites, or even your own compositions), amusing anecdotes, recipes, ..., anything utterly irrelevant but fun anyway!

  • Technical tasks. Running a large software development team is tricky, so the following are largely self contained. The only restriction is that you must design in PHP for consistency. Here are a few ideas, more are very welcome:
    • Design a "Purity Test" for us. This could be like the standard versions, or it could be in addition, another version such as the "Pyromaniac purity test". Remember - this has to be funny - and not overly offensive.

    • A quick version of the "Jung Personality Type" test. Perhaps one for a psychologist?

    • Automate our survey. - it needs some back-end processing.

If you want to help, please contact Cupid. Thank you.

Thanks very much for reading this all. I do hope that something fires your imagination, and that you will take part. If many people take part in even a small way, we can do great things! Thank you very much

- Cupid