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Valentine's Card Code

Solving the Secret Admirer's Dilemma...

If you have ever received a Valentine's card, and been unable to guess the sender, you must know how frustrating it can be. And if you are that secret admirer, about to send a card with your hopes and dreams to that special person, what should you do? How can you maintain the secret, as by tradition you must, without inflicting the most dreadful frustration upon the object of your affections? You can give your admiree a helpful hint by using our amazing secret Valentine's code, which you write into your card. This lets you embed a secret message, to which they can reply, while keeping your identity hidden.

Please log in in order to generate your one-time code. If you are not yet a member of Romance.ucam.org, it only takes a moment to join.

(If you are the recipient of a Valentine's Card containing a one-time code, please go here to decrypt it.)