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Welcome to GraduateRomance

Hello, and a very warm welcome to GraduateRomance.org.uk! We hope you will enjoy using our site, and that it will help you to find love and happiness.
The wizard below will guide you through setting up your account. It should take only a couple of minutes. Please feel free to ask for help, and tell us what you think.

Start Here...

  1. First, create a profile to describe yourself, and then add a photograph. Other people can then start interesting conversations with you...
    You will find GraduateRomance far more useful and enjoyable if you do this, even if you only write a few words at this point: help the computer to work for you.
    This is also the page where you can set some of your preferences. Profiles can be modified (or hidden) later if you wish. You needn't write an entire book, but remember: 'blankness begets blankness'!

  2. Then, fill in some of the additional attributes for your profile, and perhaps add a photograph of yourself.
    These optional extra multiple-choice questions give common, searchable answer. You can customise who may see your photo (the default is other logged-in members, with a photo of their own).

  3. After this, take a look at the profiles of other people, decide whom you like, and send them some messages!
    When you receive messages, we'll email you, and they will also appear in your GraduateRomance inbox.

  4. Explore! There are lots of advanced features for your enjoyment: Show me!


  • The etiquette of GraduateRomance.org.uk may be unfamiliar, since norms of acceptable behaviour online are sometimes different to the "real world":

  • In a textual medium, tone-of-voice is not usually conveyed. Consider using smileys! 
    When sending (or reading) messages, please be careful how you employ sarcasm/irony/cheekiness since this may be read simply as rudeness. That's not to say you can't do irony online; just to advise new members that words may not always be interpreted as they were intended. Likewise, please don't take offence where none is intended.


  • The site also has some advanced features: please explore the menu on the left-hand-side, or see the online help. Each time you click on a link (to load a new page), the system checks for new messages. (Click the logo in the top-left to refresh the home page). The top right shows all the members who are currently logged in. There are several different view-modes for the site, including "stealth" mode (for access from a public terminal), and "mobile" mode for smartphones. This welcome message will disappear from your main menu once your profile is complete.

  • Legal 'waffle': please read the terms of use and have fun safely. If anyone is inconsiderate to you, tell us.

  • We take a great deal of care to protect your privacy. You can also configure exactly what is visible to whom.
    The defaults are that non-members (but not search engines) can see the text of your profile, but that photos are only visible to other members who have their own photo. You can change this if you prefer.

  • Occasionally, we get Gremlinated: we're constantly working on the site, and we do test it very carefully.
    However if something is broken, we are probably unaware of the problem (because if we knew, we'd have fixed it already!), so please do send us an email if you spot a bug.

  • If you have any feedback, please do contact us. We love to receive your ideas, feedback, success-stories, requests, bug-reports,..., and will be as helpful as we possibly can. If you would like to get involved, that would be great too!

Good luck, have fun, and we hope you enjoy GraduateRomance

- Cupid