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Frequently Asked Questions

This section is part of the Romance.ucam.org online help system. (show contents). You can also view the entire document as a single very long page.

Real-time chat

The chat system allows real-time chat between members of Romance.ucam.org. Click the "Chat" link and a new window will open, containing the chat program. You should then see a chat area which is gray - at the bottom is a bar into which you can type. You will be able to invite other people who are online to join you by clicking on their names. If you can't see everything, please scroll down!

  • Chats are not recorded - if you would like to preserve a copy, please copy and paste it somewhere.
  • Also, you will "time-out" in the main site after 20 minutes of inactivity - but please do not forget to log out when you leave.
  • Note that cats are not visible in the online list, hence they cannot be the recipient of a chat invitation.

Technical: The chat system uses Websockets, a feature natively included in all recent browsers: test.

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