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Fluffy Mode

You have just changed your style to 'Fluffy Mode'. That's so much nicer :-)
You can set this permanently: it will then be automatically chosen whenever you log in, or receive notifications.

These are the available themes: please select one:

  • Sunshine: Sunshine: the new, responsive look.
  • Fluffy Mode: Fluffy mode is the normal, hearts-and-flowers theme.
  • Claret: Dark red style.
  • Stealth Mode: Stealth mode is designed to be discreet, and look generic.
  • Jazzy Style: Cool blue and purple.
  • Chocolate Flavour: Cupid is actually getting quite hungry designing this one!
  • Rose pink: Rose pink and red.
  • Aqua: Blue and turquoise.
  • Pop Style: The Pop style is totally over-the-top!
  • Unix Terminal: Unix Terminal/Console, for when you can't use '/usr/bin/curl'.

  • A Random style: One of the styles, selected at random!
  • Secret (obscure): Stealthier than stealth - hard for someone to read over your shoulder from a distance.
  • Mobile Device Mode: Mobile device mode is optimised for small screens, such as smartphones. Some features are simplified.

In some web browsers, you can also change the style by selecting 'Use style(sheet)' or 'Page style' from the 'View' menu.
If you'd like to design your own look and feel, we'd welcome your contribution: here's how.